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It’s the school fete in a few weeks.  For our little school, it’s a BIG deal.  With only a small school community, the fete is run every 2nd year.  The amount of planning, organising, sorting, sourcing, pleading and bargaining that goes into putting on an event like this is enormous.  The small but dedicated team that band together to put this event on work tirelessly to make sure the fete is not only successful financially, but that it’s a day the whole community enjoy.
For the past 4 years I have run the cake stall.  It’s so much fun…but so much work!  I organise (bribe) people to help man the stall, ask (plead) for volunteers to bake, and for about 4 days before the fete, spend around 10 hours a day in my kitchen baking my heart out to provide enough stock to last the full 5 hours of the fete.  There is nothing worse than turning up to a fete after a morning of kids sport only to find the cake stall sold out!

Then on the morning of the fete, I get to stand at my stall with my volunteers and watch with delight as people peruse the cakes and choose just the right one to take to Grandma’s this afternoon, or use for lunch boxes next week.  My absolute favourite thing though, is watching kids with their money from their money box held tightly in their hand, debate over whether to get a cupcake and a toffee, or perhaps two toffees and a biscuit….it takes them forever to decide, and as I always tell them…there is no wrong decision!

This year, due to work commitments, my bake-a-thon will be limited to a few nights after work and as much as I can do on the day before (around setting up the stall, netball training and cricket semi-finals).  I’m hoping that we’ll have enough to last the day, but it may be disappointment for those at hubby’s work who usually buy any excess stock.

To limber up and get in the spirit, I knocked out two of these apple cakes.  One of the girls at work bought some apples back from Clunes that she picked from roadside apple trees.  One cake for lunch boxes, one for work.  And because it was #sundaybakingsunday I also used up the 3 sad bananas in the fruit bowl and made BabyMac’s banana bread



So if you’re around on Saturday 13th March, pop in and visit me at the cake stall at St Catherine’s Primary School Fete in Moorabbin.  I’d love to see you!

Hmm…might have to add these Jam cupcakes to my “to bake” list

2014-03-15 15.38.16

I’ll be back soon with Fete day updates!

Bye 🙂