I hope you are having a nice, relaxing Australia Day.  Perhaps you are having a bbq with some friends or family?  We are planning a fairly relaxing day….however I’m not sure that’s the way it’s going to end up!  I head back to work tomorrow, so I’m attempting to get the house into some sort of shape in readiness the school/work/after school activity madness to begin.

As I write this post, I’m waiting for my chocolate to cool.  Look how glossy it is!

2015-01-26 10.52.23

Then I’m going to roll some ice cream bars in it and coat them in coconut.  Ta da! Ice cream lamingtons!  It’s a take on Donna Hay’s version which you can find here.  I’ve just cheated a bit and bought the ready made ice cream bars…it may be cheating only one step, but it’s saving me a couple of hours in time!

2015-01-26 12.00.53

One hour later, this is what it looks like.

2015-01-26 15.35.16

We’ve got a birthday afternoon tea to go to later on (Happy 13th Ruby!) and then some good friends are coming over for an early dinner.  Home made burgers are on the menu with the ice cream lamingtons for dessert.  Yum!

Over the past week I’ve had a few wins in the kitchen, with almost everyone loving the pasta pesto, garlic & rosemary chicken from Jamie’s 15 minute meals book.  Quick, easy and delicious!

2015-01-22 18.35.00 2015-01-22 18.34.22




2015-01-22 18.51.24

I also re rolled out another meal from Jamie’s 15 minute book the fish baps, mushy peas & tartare sauce. I’ve done it a couple of times before and even the youngest gives it the thumbs up.  The recipe is on his website here.

Last night we had a family meal with one of hubby’s brothers and his family (hubby is one of six, so there are a lot of them!).  My nieces and nephew are now young adults and it was lovely to sit around the table and chat with them.  I rolled out Gourmet Girlfriends pulled pork and slaw.  The recipe is here.  It’s a great crowd pleaser and best of all, can be done ahead of time.  Of course we had to have dessert, so it was chocolate meringues, cream, berries and caramel sauce.  The recipe is an old Delicious one.  It’s also on the Taste.com website here.

With all the food that’s been prepared over the past few days, I’m hoping there’ll be enough leftovers for dinner tomorrow night! Then it’ll be getting organised for Thursday when the kids all head back to school.  This year my big boy heading to secondary school (gulp!).  Don’t tell him, but his mum is as nervous as anything!

I hope your week is a good one!  Good luck to all those who have kids heading back to school!