I can’t believe it’s April already.  Where has the first part of the year gone??!!

We’re in the middle of school holidays here in Victoria, and for the first time in around 10 years, I’ve gone back to work part time.   With all 3 kids in school, it was time to head back into the paid workforce (and perhaps the fact the eldest heads to Secondary School next year and it’s going to mean a new lot of school fees, had a little to do with it!)

This week I did my first 3 days.  It was good!  My brain may have had information overload on day one, but I learnt new things, I talked to other adults and I got to go to the toilet by myself.   Oh…and I’m going to get paid for it…..winning!

With so much going on, it seemed a good time to get my head around where I’m at.  So I thought I’d play along with  Pip and do a taking stock list.

Here we go…

Making :      Caramel Brownies & Anzac biscuits
Drinking :     Soda water (and given it’s school holidays, a few glasses of sav blanc!)
Reading:     The book thief
Wanting:     To make the salted chocolate and caramel tarts on the front cover of the latest issue of Delicious magazine
Looking:      At the hole in my back yard dug by the dog (thanks Murphy!)
Playing:      Netball with my U11 team
Deciding:    What to make for dinner
Wishing:      For a little holiday (just a few days!)
Enjoying:     Watching the biggest play his cricket grand final
Waiting:       For Easter….hot x buns and chocolate…mmmmm!
Liking:         Visiting friends who we haven’t seen for years.  So nice!
Wondering:  How I’m going to juggle work and home??
Loving:        Pyjama days with the kids
Pondering:   How I’m going to make it through the rest of holidays in one piece (the kid’s have almost 3 weeks off due to Easter & student free days)
Considering: How often I can really post on my blog
Watching:     Dr Blake
Hoping:        I can keep all the balls in the air when I head back to work
Marvelling:   At how good the sliding doors look now I’ve cleaned them!
Needing:     New work clothes…it’s been a while since I’ve needed them (like 10 years or so!)
Smelling:     Weird smells from Miss 9’s make your own perfume kit
Wearing:     My new light, but soft jumper from Sportsgirl
Following:   Under 11c Omega Storm netball team (I maybe a bit biased as the coach!) & the new season of U12’s Football (go Highett Doggies!)
Noticing:    The rain!
Knowing:   That the warm days will become fewer and fewer!
Thinking:   How am I going to keep the kids occupied over the holidays (without spending a fortune)??  The rain is not helping!  Suggestions anyone??
Feeling:     Pretty good!
Admiring:  How well the Under 12 North c Cricket Premiers (Highett Bulldogs!), conducted themselves on winning the premiership.  Very proud boys!
Sorting:     My old work clothes.  I kept a few suits.  Oh how times have changed!

Buying:     Clothes
Getting:    The Easter Bunny organised…shhhh!

Bookmarking: Knitting patterns on Ravelry
Disliking:   That it’s already April!
Opening:   The latest issues of cooking magazines…mmmm…chocolate!
Giggling:   At how the youngest says ‘hilarious’ – ‘I-hairy-ass’!!!
Snacking: On new season apples
Coveting:  New shoes
Wishing:   Good thoughts to friends who’s lives have been going through some major changes
Helping:   Collect eggs for the school Easter raffle
Hearing:   The song from the Lego Movie (really, really annoying!).  One kid has seen it and the other two haven’t….they’re desperate to see it!


So, that’s me.  Are you going to Take Stock?  Let me know if you do, won’t you?