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Ok, so now that we are on a tomato roll….let’s keep the momentum going!

The box of tomatoes that I purchased weighed 16kg.  6.3kg went into the tomato soup in yesterday’s post.  The remaining is going to make tomato sauce.

So, the recipe.  It’s on the back of this bottle.

2014-03-18 12.08.19


Yup, Ezy-Sauce.  The name says it all.  I purchased mine at the local Ritchie’s supermarket.  I couldn’t find it at Woolworths, so your local independent grocer is probably your best bet.

The recipe is printed on the back.  So, lets get back to chopping tomatoes.  Ohh and I forgot to add yesterday…before you start either of the recipes, don’t forget to give your tomatoes a quick wash before you start chopping

2014-03-17 12.33.43

2014-03-17 12.34.45

Add the onions (I use the attachment on my blender and chop them in that…less tears!)

Then the garlic and ginger.

2014-03-17 16.31.34

Simmer for 5 hours.  I know, it takes ages, but stay with me, the end result is worth it!

The recipe at this point says to strain through a coarse sieve.  I use my trusty stick mixer again to puree it.  Then run it through a mouli that I purchased for around $20. Another tip, purchase a cheap plastic bucket that you only use for food.  Put your mouli or sieve on this and use it to catch the tomato sauce.  Then tip it back into  your pot once it’s empty (you’ll need to give the pot a quick wash first).

Put the sauce in the pot back onto the stove and add sugar, salt, apple puree and this is where I go for option 2 on the back of the label,  I add the whole bottle of Ezy-Sauce, not 1 cup as the main recipe states.

Simmer for 1 hour until it’s of a thick pouring consistency.

Fill in hot sterilised bottles and seal.

2014-03-17 22.03.20

It makes approximately 9 1/2 bottles of sauce.

Ok…just going back on a few points.  The apple puree. I do this while waiting the 5 hours.  Peel, core and chop the apples (granny smith are best).  Add a bit of lemon peel, a little sugar and water to cover the bottom of the pot and simmer until apples are soft.  Take out the lemon and puree.

Also, buy yourself a funnel.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, mine are just cheap plastic ones.  But it makes getting the sauce into the bottles so much easier.  I use a Pyrex measuring jug to scoop the hot sauce out of the pot, then pour it into the bottle via the funnel.

A word on bottles.  This sauce is quite thick, so bottles with wider necks are good.  The only reason I use smaller necked bottles is otherwise my kids would end up with half a plate of tomato sauce every time they tipped up the bottle.  My bottles are old mineral water bottles.  Use whatever you can recycle.  They just need to be glass with metal lids.  To sterilise them, wash thoroughly in soapy water.  Put in an oven at 110 degrees to dry and heat.  I usually put my bottles in the oven when the sauce kicks into its last hour so that they’re ready to go when I need them.

I’m now off to rearrange my pantry to fit my new bottles of sauce in.  Do you make sauce? Are you tempted to try it?