Hope you had a lovely weekend.  We did.  It was busy with kids sport and home jobs and all the other things that seem to take over the weekend.

Hubby and I managed a date night on Saturday night.  We headed into the city to The Immersery. It’s a pop up restaurant/bar as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. You can find all the details here.  It was so good to get out of the  house!

2014-03-01 20.38.23

Yesterday we went for a family bike ride along the bay.  It was the first bike ride where everyone has ridden their own bike.  I would’ve taken a photo, however I was to busy yelling at Mister 5 to stay to the LEFT of the bike track!

I also played along with I Give You the Verb’s #sundaybakingsunday.  This apple crumble was delicious!

2014-03-02 20.35.01

There were so many things I wanted to achieve today… but someone is conspiring against me to make it difficult!  Master 12 headed off to camp, forgot he needed to take a back pack, so I had to do the mad dash home to grab one before the bus left.  I  got called up to school to check Miss 9’s wrist.  She took a tumble from the monkey bars and wrenched it.  Thankfully no trip to the emergency department required.  I finally managed to put the washing on the line at 2.30pm, only to find my hoodie on the ground when we got home from school pick up.  Someone think’s it’s a game to pull things off the line.

2013-12-04 15.57.36

It’s a recent habit…one that needs to be broken very quickly!  Any ideas on how to stop a dog from pulling washing off the line?

So it’s 4pm and I’m about to start my day…..

2014-03-03 16.04.13Hope you have a great week!